One of the most important things you should do before going out on a ride is checking your tire pressure. Not having the proper amount of air in your tires can result in poor handling, uneven tread wear, or even damage to the tire. Any of these items can lead to an accident or unnecessary wear and tear on other components of your machine.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have a quality air pressure gauge, we like ones similar to this one from Motion Pro with the longer hose extension so you can reach almost anywhere with it.

Air Pressure Gauge

The next thing is to make sure you know what the manufacturer recommends for air pressure. All manufacturers list this in the owner’s manual if you don’t have an owner’s manual you can typically look at a digital version on the manufacturer’s website. Here are the links for the brands we carry:




Once you verify the proper air pressure for your tires, you want to do the following:

Remove the valve stem cap

Press the gauge firmly on the valve stem

Read the tire pressure and adjust it accordingly

Reinstall the valve stem cap

Repeat for all tires.

**Make sure you check the tire pressure before you go out on a ride since tire pressure increases as the tires warm up. **

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